How to configure OptinChat on your Website

Optinchat specworld

How to configure OptinChat on your Website

Optin Chat is an AI Chat module to collect email ids from the users visiting your website,By this chat module you can engage more users by getting their emails and communicating with them effectively.

Optin chat is not like a traditional chat plugin which just ask them about queries of our business,but it gives user a flexibility in answering a question which he is looking for and that will be the reason why he visits our website.

This will be like finding water in a desert and suddenly a man came and give water to drink.

To use this plugin your website to collect email Ids, We need to follow a series of steps.

Setting up Optinchat:

Step:1 Go to Optinchat Website: .

Optinchat specworld



Step:2 Here you have to signup by filling the form in Optinchat website and Click “Free Instant access” button.You will be redirected to another page asking for your email and password(to be choosen).

Optinchat Specworld


Step:3 Now You will be redirected to another page where you can configure your Optinchat module and hit you will get a javascript link,which you have to put it before body tag.

If you are on a wordpress,Please visit:

you can also use video tutorials to configure optinchat Module

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