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Rajesh Kumar Annarapu

About SPEC Placement Cell

The Placements is an integral part of any engineering college annual calendar of activities. St. Peter’s has a well laid-out and systematic process of dovetailing our student’s career aspirations with corporate’s expectations. The Placement Department at St. Peter’s comprise of the Student Committee with 15 members headed by Rajesh Kumar Annarapu from the last two years of the course and the Placement Department represented by the Placement Managers, Faculties.

The leading companies from all sectors are invited by the Placement Department on the campus, where the eligible students are facilitated to go through the entire selection process. The entire process is governed by the student’s ability and performance, as well as the requirements and norms of the Industry.

We leverage human capital for competitiveness by nurturing knowledge, entrepreneurship and creativity. We believe it is these strengths that will help us successfully compete in a globally and exploit emerging opportunities. We reward the will to succeed and the desire to compete with the best in the world.


  • To sharpen the managerial and creative talents inherent in our students.
  • To unleash their education in an environment this brings in professional values and inculcates modern attitude.
  • To develop analytical skills to make key strategic decisions in an increasing complex corporate environment.
  • To think with speed, flexibility, spirit of responsibility, integrity and an open mind.
  • To develop the best learning process using a comprehensive understanding of industry’s best practices.
  • To establish long-term relationships with the companies.
  • To provide 100% placements to our graduates.

Placement Support:

  • Maintaining regular interaction with the industry through Seminars, Guest Lectures, Conferences, Corporate Meets etc
  • Planning and organizing On-Campus as well as Off-Campus recruitment activities.
  • Providing assistance to the students for completing summer training projects.
  • Providing requisite training to students in the area of Personality Development and Communication Skills.
  • Developing database of students and presenting their curriculum to various industries.
  • Providing management consultancy for students live projects.
  • Organizing Inter-Cultural exchange with other institutions and industries.

Contact TPO:

Rajesh Kumar Annarapu

Rajesh Kumar Annarapu

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Annarapu,
Associate Professor & Director – Industry Relations & Placements.

Core Member-NTPO

040- 65408578 (Direct)


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